iModa Plus

Modern Massage Sofa

Product Review

Inspired by OGAWA’s modern healthy home living concept, the all new OGAWA iMODA is designed to relive more than just sore muscles; it restores the tired mind and reinvigorates the body and senses. The OGAWA iMODA is more than just a sofa, it is your well-deserved me-time, your tranquil garden in one cozy sofa space.


Authentic Massage Chair Rollers

Integrated with authentic massage chair rollers and coupled with a new innovative tapping motions that creates a lively, noticeable comfort massage.

L-Shaped Massage Track

If follows your body curves closely-from back, waist to hips, making sure all the right spots are kit.

More Coverage

With longer track, the massage rollers covers length up to 80cm – leaving you relaxed from upper back to hip.

Auto Massage Programs

Hip-Shaping Boost Massage

Mainly uses Oscillating tapping and Tui Na motions. Helps to shape and tone your hips, as well as relive fatigued muscles.

Active Boost Massage

Helps to reduce muscle cramps and improve poor posture caused by being sedentary for prolonged periods of time.

Flexibility Boost Massage

Gentle stretching to help relax tired muscles and improve you body’s felixibility.

Energy Boost Massage

Helps rejuvenate and improve your body’s vitality with a combination of rolling and kneading, Tui Na as well as Tapping.

Product Specifications

Product Name


Model No.

OG 5508

Power Source

220 – 240V

Alternating Current


Power Consumption


Dimensions (L x W x H)

92.5cm x 62.5cm x 96cm


Gross Weight: 48.3kg
Netweight: 38.8kg

Controller Battery

3 AAA Batteries

Safety feature

Equipped with overheated and power surge safety protection

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