Master Drive

4D Thermo Care Massage Chair

Product Review

Feel the power of massage mastery, brought to life by cutting-edge Japanese technology. Every component in the OGAWA Master Drive is optimized for performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage chair that precisely targets your acupunctural points – from head-to-toe, including your knees – for optimal energy restoration through human-like full-body massages.

The True Master of Your Satisfaction

Master Drive. It’s what real master are made of. And it’s tailored just for you.

  • Eastern Medical Technology + Innovative Technology
  • Real-Life Chiropractic Massage Techniques
  • Smart Acupunctural Point Detection Technology
  • High-Performance A.R.M Microprocessor

Aimed at Appeasing

Your Senses

Ultimate M Drive Navigator

All-New OS 1.0 & 7″ Touch Screen

Mood-Enhancing Light Therapy

True Satisfaction Begins with a Strong Foundation

Accuracy is what defines a satisfying massage. And that is delivered by MASTER DRIVE’s 4D M Spa. Powered by an all new operating system, the High Performance A.R.M Microprocessor, the massage rollers thermal capabilities and are enchanced with human like precision-adding a whole new dimension to massage for your body


Human Touch Massage

Precise Body Analysis & Scanning

Targets 36 Acupunctural Points

M Sensing Track

This, is a Whole New Level of Healing Comfort

Shoulder + Neck

Dual Airbags Compression Massage

Spine + Waist

Accurate Rollers Deep Tissue Massage

Arms + Hands

Accurate Airbags Pressure Point Massage

Hips + Thighs

Dual Airbags Pulsating Massage

Product Specifications

Product Name

Master Drive


Black, White, Orange

Model No.


Power Source

220 – 240V

Power Consumption


Alternating Current


Dimensions (L x W x H) when tilting

1050mm x 8400mm x 1960mm

Dimensions (L x W x H) when not tilting

1210mm x 8400mm x 1580mm


Approx. 125kg

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