Mobile Seat NX

Mobile Massage Seat

Product Review

The all-new OGAWA Mobile Seat NX is not just any mobile massage seat it is constructed with the same chassis as larger massage chairs, allowing it to comfortable enclose the 3D S-track massage mechanism, whick supports the spine’s natural S-shape curve. Replacing the conventional straight roller track, the 3D S-track massage mechanism provides precise massages for your back, neck, and shourlder relieving sore muscles caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The OGAWA Mobile Seat NX is th eonly mobile massage seat that incorates 3d S-track massage mechanism in its design.

4 3D Massage Modes

Upper Relief

Lower Relief



New and Improve Structure

The structure nad the length of the roller track have been modified to massage your body from neck to lower back. The rollers have also been upgraded from plastick to silicone for a more comfortable and comprehensive massag experience

Heated Feature

The entire features heated rollers to elevate the comfort level of your massage

Vibration Mode

The seat is equipped with a vibration function that provides oscillationg massage to effectively soothe your hip muscles

Product Specifications

Product Name

Mobile Seat NX

Model No.

OZ 0988

Power Source

220 – 240V

Power Consumption


Output Voltage

24V / 2.5 A

Dimensions (L x W x H)

810mm x 480mm x 210mm


Approx 7.87kg

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