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Relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage, anytime of the day with the all-new OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus – complete with a range of massage techniques and specially designed programs to relieve aches, fatigue and tensed muscles on upper and lower back.

Massage Programs


The OGAWA Smart Vogue signature programme with Triple S-Track features ultra-comfortable 160’ and 180’ reclining positions for a thorough full-body massage. Enjoy better massage coverage for your neck, back and all the way down to buttocks.


To relieve your body from daily stress and fatigue, this programme offers a stronger and faster-paced massage. Focusing more on the lower back, its dynamic combination of kneading, tapping, rolling and arm massage is sure to leave you feeling more energised and refreshed.


For a more gentler and more relaxing massage, calm your muscles and senses with this full-body programme.


If you suffer from stiff joints, this option will help you increase the elasticity of your ligaments and reinstating your joints to their optimal state. Focusing on the body and leg areas, it uses kneading, tapping and Shiatsu massage for maximum comfort.


Harmonise your energy and put your mind at ease starting with a slow 8-minute massage, which trails off with a 160’ position for a relaxing 20-minute nap. After 20 minutes, the chair resumes its normal position and quietly shuts down.




Triple S-Track

The revolutionary Triple S-Track is designed to best fit the curvature of the body, reaching the tired spots of the essential areas (neck, back, tailbone and hips) with more precise accuracy and optimum strength.

Maximum Massage Coverage

WIth the Triple S-Track, the massage is now more extensive than ever. The massage roller now cover 60% more surface area, working directly on fatigue and pressure points, not only on the back but all the way to tailbone and to hips

IMT Control Technology

The intelligent motorized timer is a unique feature that enables the rollers to simulate a human-like tempo for a true massage experience.

Intelligent Massage

Armrests shift back and forth up to 10cm so that your arms can fit comfortably, even a fully reclined position.

First of its kind Leg Massage

Our first of its kind 4-dimensional airbags give your calves a zig-zag massage while foot rollers work on the pressure points at your feet. The leg massagers are adjustable to accommodate different leg lengths.

Product Specifications

Product Name OGAWA iModa
Model No OG 5508
Power Source AC 220-240v
Alternating Current 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 96W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 92.5cm x 62.5cm x 96cm
Weight Gross weight: 48.3kg
Net weight: 38.8kg
Controller Battery 3 AAA Batteries
Safety feature Equipped with overheated and power surge safety protection

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