Omknee Therapy Plus

Total foot reflexology

Product Review

The All-New OGAWA OmKNEE Therapy comes equipped with the on-of-a-kind heat therapy technology – Thermotherapy ; that provides intensive and concentrated care for your knees and feet. It also effectively promotes foot metabolism, activates cells and improves blood circulation to relieve tight muscles and nerves in the foot.

Versatility in Motion

Easy-to-flip design of up to 140 in rotation switches from calves, to thighs & knees massage effortlessly.

Restorative Knee Therapy

Warming and rhythmic airbags simulate a life-like therapeutic massage exclusively for the knees. Improved blood circulation heals the joint area from excessive stress and prolonged pressure on a daily basis.

Dedication for Comfort

8 strategically designed thermo airbags eases away tension and soreness effectively while enhancing the deep kneading therapy

Define your Sole for the road ahead

Sole Warming

Comprehensive Thermotherapy warms the sole to the ideal massage temperature for quick muscle recovery

Improved Sole Performance

Deep and precise kneading improves blood circulation, stimulates nerves and relieves tension at the arch.

Reflexology Point Targeting

Targeting a wide range of pressure points at the sole, bridging various reflex points and internal organ health

Choose from 3 recovery modes


Comprehensive and soothing massage for a true rejuvenating experience


Compression therapy, infused with scraping for accelerated recovery


Deep sensation theraphy for deep muscle relieve

Product Specifications

Product Name

Omknee Therapy Plus

Power Source

220 – 240V

Power Consumption



15 Minutes

Dimensions (L x W x H)

520mm x 440mm x 540mm



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