OGAWA was born in 1996 in the heart of Southern Asia – the country of Malaysia,  as a health and wellness retail store until it swiftly expanded its reach in the Philippine market in 2011 with over 30 stores nationwide including its cozy and tasteful flair of OGAWA showroom and pop-up stores.

The Brand “OGAWA” is identified  with its craftsmanship, sophistication, luxury, style, and comfort that has cultivated to be the leading player in the design, development, and marketing of health and wellness equipment across the world.  OGAWA, continues to provide holistic brand experience to its customer to further strengthen its advocacy of  promoting the art of living in the age of digital wellness in the country – THE ART OF WELLNESS”.

The  Art of  Wellness is defined through art created by mind, body and soul, in collaboration with OGAWA massage chairs as the instrument of art, where the attainment of wellness requires a combination of  art and technology that only OGAWA brand can provide.  It is considered as a “Masterpiece” crafted and designed by creative minds of the organization.

Immersing oneself  in a healthy lifestyle and learning to relax can be life-changing. Nurtured mind and body are essential for well-being as OGAWA strongly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy good health and experience the art of wellness. 

“ In a chaotic world, your mind is a battlefield and your body is a tired shell. Your vessel asks love, welcome the spring of wellness live in pain no more.  A retreat not simply for rest and relaxation, but to be restored and reborn; for having an Ogawa original is having an invitation to your purest state of being. Shell and soul restored let the new age comfort you, come to be reborn.”

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