5 simple ways to get by through trying times

Sip your favorite drink

May it be hot or cold go grip that cup, sit beside your window and imagine whatever you want because the weather is nice and it’s yours to take in.

Dress Up & Be Your Usual Self

We know how it feels to miss your work ootd (same here), so spruce-up once in a while even just for zoom meetings or just because you want to feel nice. It’s okay to validate your urge to doll-up. 

Hug your pets

Embrace and be cozy with your pets while we have unlimited time to spend with them, having one as a companion doubles the fun in life, and sometimes when everything is too much just look at them then everything is okay again.

Allot time for indoor entertainment

Give yourself the luxury to time-out, do a few minutes of yoga, meditate before bedtime, read books, or binge-watch your favorite shows. Help yourself to draw the line between work & rest, you deserve a good break.


Make a conscious decision in enjoying small talks or catching up with your friends and loved ones, you might be miles apart and struggling both ways but a simple act of sending a greeting can easily lessen the burden it will also give you more stability to function in this chaotic world.

Sometimes we need gentle reminders or practices that allow us a mindful approach to finding courage and resources that we are never truly alone in this battle. It's important to note that these practices are simply tools: techniques to bring more awareness that allows us, despite the circumstances, to find our way back to our normal self.

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