OGAWA Philippines

True Massage. True Intelligence

It’s a game-changer. The Ogawa Master Drive AI was developed with care and attention by the masters in Eastern Medicine and the greatest innovators in the industry to provide the most immersive massage experience.

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New Product

MasterDrive Plus 2.0

New Look. New Massage Experience

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New Product

Spin Bike Lite

Achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

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Massage Chairs

Innovations beyond Generations

Massage Sofa

Sophistication and Elegance

Mobile Series

Your on-the-go massage equipment.

Zero Gravity

Feel as weightless as if you were floating on a cloud

Human like massage

Integrated Airbag System relieves muscle pressure


You can easily move it around and use it in your comfortability.

Gen 3 Technology

Intuitive Controls

User-friendly features suitable for individuals of all ages.

Effortless Command

Customized massage with OGAWA's voice command technology

Enhanced Posture

Ergonomically designed massage chairs for spine and muscle relief.

Guided meditations & Soothing Melodies

Equipped with bluetooth-enabled surround speaker

Warranty. Repairs. Accessories

OGAWA Philippines guarantees free repair service to its products

Product Warranty


Alodia - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:a5345e93-7b63-4ecb-ab59-e3d1e85c844d
Pauleen and Vic Sotto - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:56ed8496-d914-494e-b12a-75a67f6e061e
Camille Prats - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:a783a05f-13c3-486c-bfdb-994cc1e00e9c
Aubrey Miles - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:28625c65-59e2-47e4-8270-e93273361efc
Maja Salvador - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:e119381c-3398-4dca-9f4b-ca35d7e5a04d
Ruffa - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:317baa99-e84b-48e4-8af9-0ace80bd5b51
Doc Alvin - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:24a211a1-1557-4b5c-86d6-03e800ad8c19
Coleen - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:98446523-0c6e-49c1-bf4a-21f05848666e
Billy - OGAWA Philippines.webp__PID:66699500-3f1e-489d-a3d3-d691862fc9bc

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