Effects of Ogawa Master Drive AI Automated Massage on Blood Circulation and Sleep Quality

Global wellness innovator, OGAWA Malaysia announced its research findings effort done in collaboration with Universiti Malaya evaluating the efficiency of a massage chair therapy and examining the potential improvement of blood circulation and sleep quality when a recent research study was conducted with OGAWA’s flagship product, OGAWA Master Drive AI.

OGAWA Malaysia and Universiti Malaya built on this research based on a study being done by a group of individuals when using OGAWA’s innovative flagship product, the OGAWA Master Drive AI. Providing the necessary hardware, ideas, and technical support to ensure successful research, the study disclosed that 100% of the participants showed a significant improvement in blood circulation: 81.32% by using the OGAWA Master Drive AI M6 Deep Tissue program and 43.48% through the Blood Circulation program, while 100% of the participants recorded an increase in sleep quality, and up to 88.73% progressed in sleep efficiency through the Sweet Dream program.

“Well-being does not only incorporate healthy diets and consistent workouts, but regular massages can contribute much more to the human soul - from correcting postural stress to boosting immunity. Through this study, we want to convey the major health benefits attached to having regular massages and how it should be considered vital for our overall health - be it to relieve sore muscles, reduce stress, or even boost your immune system, massages will leave a positive impact on your everyday life,” said Prof. Dr. Saad.

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