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I always see Ogawa whenever I go to malls hence the reason why I chose the brand in purchasing my massage machine. And I want to tell you that you have created a wonderful device. As people age, back and body pains are already part of their daily lives and the same goes to me. The Ogawa Smart Reluxe Lite is an absolute life-changer. It helps reducing my back and body pains every day. It always helps me relax after every long, tiring day. Also, I always have trouble sleeping at night but this machine, and the eye massager also, helps me to get a very peaceful sleep. Body feels lighter when I wake up every morning. The best feature of the Smart Reluxe Lite for me is that it has option to adjust the strength and intensity. Also, the airbag function because it’s very soothing for muscle pains. And lastly, the feature that you have variety of choices on what kind of massage you want to receive.

The Ogawa XE Mini is also beneficial to me as I seat for about 8 hours at office 5 days a week. The XE Mini helps to reduce my fatigue and back pain for sitting too long at office.

Overall, these Ogawa products that I purchased are really top-tier, and I would gladly recommend these products to my friends and families.

Antonio G. Rafanan

Choosing Ogawa is one of the best decisions we've made for having a topnotch quality and after sales service.

We've been using it for almost a month now and we definitely loved the amazing work it does.

The best thing about Smart Vogue Elite is that, it has choices of programs and we can also customize the massage that we needed. Before having our massage chair, going to a massage spa is part of our monthly routine, and now with Ogawa, it doesn't offer just a massage but a relief that we don't need to go out to be pampered, we can have our massage every single day, any time we want and feel of needing it.

It also provides us the convenience of relieving our stress, body pains, backaches and sore muscles at the comfort of our home. We don't need to put on relief rubs/oils and take pain killers because with our Smart Vogue Elite, we just need to sit and click it all away.

Jommie Anne Mataro

One day I chanced upon a store that had a sense of calmness in the midst of the bustling mall. The kind store manager invited me to try their chair. For lack of better things to do, I sat on a soft leather seat and indulged in a most luxurious massage. You see, that was my first day of retirement after 40 years of working. That day too, I vowed to save up for my Ogawa.

On my birthday last June, my son surprised me with a top-of-the-line Ogawa! It has specially- programmed massage routines that hit my sore spots with the exact pressure and heat that I wanted. Depending on the kind of massage I select, I feel invigorated or relaxed, and I always sleep more soundly. Incredible! Now, my four grown-up kids are raring to have an Ogawa in their own homes!

Iz Gamboa

Being well is one of our family's top priorities. Having OGAWA Cozmic in our home is one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our family. It provides the relaxation and wellness that we need. Even our son enjoys it! All our backaches are gone! It's like having our very own spa wellness! We love the accessibility and flexibility as we can use it anytime and anywhere in our home!

Jacquelyne Dimaunahan

To complete our wellness experience, we paired our OGAWA Cozmic with Omknee 2.0! The size fits our home perfectly. The best thing about Omknee 20 is that it is detachable and we use it not just for the feet but for the whole lower extremity! When my parents visited our place, they tried it and my father said that he felt that it relieved the pain in his feet. We just love our OGAWA Cozmic and Omknee 2.0! Perfect to restore good blood circulation!

Jacquelyne Dimaunahan

The moment I set my eyes on the MOBILE SEAT COZMIC Premium Massage Seat, I never had any second thoughts and purchased this product. I am happy to say that I've been using the massager for nearly a year now without feeling the guilt of this purchase.

This massage seat is a must-have for anyone in need of a soothing and invigorating massage experience at the comforts of their home. This portable device is a true gem, providing exceptional relief for sore muscles and promoting relaxation. The design is innovative and and conforms perfectly to the contours of my the back, offering targeted massage to specific areas of tension. The massager features a variety of massage modes and allows for a fully customizable experience. With its built-in heating function, it provides additional warmth to ease muscle stiffness. The device is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a perfect companion just about anywhere at home. Truly a game-changer, my Cozmic continues to deliver ultimate comfort and revitalization in the palm of my hand.

Roy Allan Samson

It was not just a great sales pitch from your sales team from the store, but getting the Tapping Foottee is absolutely a clear and obvious purchase to partner with my Cozmic.

This remarkable device offers a heavenly treat for my tired feet, providing instant relief and relaxation. Its innovative design cradles the feet with precision, targeting pressure points and kneading away tension. The massager features multiple massage modes and intensity levels, allowing me to customize my experience for ultimate comfort. With its portable and compact design, it's perfect for use anywhere at home. My family really loves this and again, having this device is a 'no brainer' to partner with our Cozmic.

Roy Allan Samson

I chose OGAWA because this brand has already established their reputation to health and wellness for decades here and abroad. I may have tried other brands before, but OGAWA was really something else. I am using it for months now and I think I will be sticking with it since it was able to meet my expectation of defining what relaxation is all about.

What I like about my OGAWA massage chair is the difference that I felt every time I use it. It comes with automatic programs, designed to suit different problem areas and needs. It seems to respond well with my health and wellness needs; whether if I just intend to relax or soothe an aching body due to work demands. I have been looking for a product that would really bring comfort after a busy and tiring day. Thanks to OGAWA for making it possible.

My OGAWA massage chair is now something that I look forward to experience every time I get home. After months of using it, it has truly improved my well-being. The relaxing effect it brings gives comfort both to my mind and body. It is literally having a spa right at the comfort of my home; saving me the hassle on spa reservation and traffic just to get there. Indeed, this is value for money. OGAWA is definitely a must have for us people who needs to regain strength and enthusiasm in order to perform a tedious but noble tasks on a daily basis.

Lana Marie Batitis

Having an Ogawa massage chair is not a luxury for an employee like me, but a necessity. It has been my go-to place before I go to sleep; sometimes spending my evening there to relax and unwind. It's amazing how you can have a professional massager anytime you want along with any kind of massage depending on your needs. This was really one of the best purchases I had at it's worth it, not to mention the fox red color that I chose which adds to the overall interior appeal of my house.

Cherry Maligaya

OGAWA has been my health and wellness equipment go-to-brand since 2018. I first started using handheld massage equipment and because of the comfort that I and my family experienced, we have upgraded to Massage Chairs eventually. Our OGAWA Massage chair provides us comfort after a weeklong work and stress due to school demands, long trips to and from work and travel to the province. It gives us all an invigorating feeling enabling us to relax and be ready for the coming week. The regular use of our OGAWA Massage Chair has been added to what we look forward to whenever we go home to the province as it delivers peace of mind after a very relaxing massage as promised. Get your OGAWA now and be rejuvenated!

Aldrin Angeles

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