Tapping Foottee Pilipinas

Foot Massager

Discover a plethora of healing sensations through this wellness expedition

Indulge in Pure Tranquility

Start your days feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized.
The Tapping Foottee is your answer to improved feet health through a wholesome reflexology experience, for greater and more meaningful journeys ahead.


Special Features

3 Auto Programs

3 Professional foot reflexology programs to suit different needs: Relax | Restore | Rejuvenate.

Tapping and Rolling Massage

Signature tapping massage that stimulates the movement of tap dance focusing on the heel and dynamically integrated with rolling massage to leave you feeling relaxed and boosted right away.

Airbag and Heater

Cocoons your feet with airbags & relaxing warmth, effectively relieve muscle tensions and melt away fatigue.

3 Massage Techniques

Pamper your feet and soothe away fatigue with thermotherapy and airbag compressions. The Tapping Foottee harmoniously combines traditional massage techniques that work in perfect unison to relax, revive and re-energize your feet.

Rolling & Kneading

Traditional Sole Scraping

Shiatsu Massage

For greater and more meaningful journeys ahead

The Tapping Foottee’s complete range of massage stimulates blood flow comprehensively, improving ligament and muscular recovery rate, reducing the effects of fatigue and stress degradation.

Sole Warming

Comphrehensive thermotherapy warms the soles to the ideal healing temperature for quick recovery.

Improved Sole Performance

Deep and precise rolling, kneading, scraping and shiatsu massage styles relieves tension & stiffness over the entire feet area.

Reflexology Point Targeting

Targeting a wide range of pressure points at the sole, bridging various reflex points and internal organ health.


Improves Blood Circulation

Having a good blood circulation helps maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow, allowing your body to function properly and efficiently. With this, it could help prevent potential sickness or diseases.

Promotes Better Sleep

There's a lot that can interfere with your usual sleeping pattern which causes stress and high-blood pressure. Study shows that a soothing and relaxing foot massage before going to sleep helps you have a better and peaceful sleep.

Prevents Muscle Inactivity

A study reveals that inactive muscles affects the muscular strength, which makes a person's body weak. OGAWA's Tapping Foottee reaches your foot's difficult spot and can help make these muscles active again.

Relieves Body Pain

OGAWA's Tapping Foottee promotes overall body relaxation. Having a foot massage doesn't just focus on healing your feet alone but the pressure released on your foot radiates to the different parts of your body - making you feel better and healthier.

Product Specifications

Product Name
Tapping Foottee Pilipinas

Model No.
OF 1728


Product Typle
Foot Massager

Power source

Power Consumption

Auto Timer
15 Minutes

Power Frequency

Dimension (LWH)
410(L) - 390(W) - 261(H)mm


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Tapping Foottee Pilipinas
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Tapping Foottee Pilipinas


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